What are Industrial Cleaning Services? A Guide for Melbourne Business Owners

Melbourne has seen rapid growth in warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities over the last ten years, leading to a high demand for robust industrial cleaning services.

These professional cleaners offer routine, periodic, specialty services like biohazard cleanup using commercial-grade equipment inaccessible to individual operations.

This article explores the range of industrial cleaning and critical factors for Melbourne business owners seeking these facility hygiene and maintenance services.

What are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning services are professional solutions for industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories.

These services involve specialised equipment and techniques to address the unique challenges of industrial settings, including removing heavy-duty contaminants, grease, and hazardous materials.

The primary goal is maintaining a clean and safe working environment, complying with industry regulations, and enhancing operational efficiency by preventing equipment corrosion and optimising overall productivity.

Benefits of Industrial Cleaning Services

The key benefits of industrial cleaning services are mentioned below.

1. Increased productivity

Consistent cleaning and facility maintenance from an external provider enhances productivity by upholding operational standards inside warehouses and factories without distracting in-house resources.

Professional cleaning also promotes worker attentiveness and task focus via consistent site hygiene.

2. Access to advanced equipment

Industrial cleaning companies utilise specialised equipment like high-powered pressure washers, commercial floor scrubbers, and industrial vacuum cleaners, which are inaccessible to individual operations, for superior cleaning results.

Staff additionally gain cleaning insights from seeing these machines used effectively first-hand.

3. Improved safety and compliance

Strict cleaning schedules targeting common areas and overlooked spaces like HVAC vents minimise slip-and-fall risks by preventing dust and debris accumulation. This bolsters employee safety while aiding OHS and fire compliance via detailed maintenance records.

4. Healthier work environment

Consistent disinfection and soap restocking of restrooms, break areas, and offices reduce germs spread through high-traffic zones to protect worker health. Routine vent cleaning also optimises air quality monitoring compliance.

5. Operational cost savings

While outsourcing carries service fees, facilities garner tangible savings by redirecting internal resources to core functions rather than facility maintenance duties.

Preventative cleaning also reduces repair costs by catching minor damage quickly.

What Companies Require Industrial Cleaning Services?

Various industries require industrial cleaning services to maintain a clean and safe working environment. Some examples are mentioned below.

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Warehousing and Logistics Companies
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Chemical Plants
  • Textile Mills
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Processing Facilities
  • Metal Fabrication and Processing Plants

What is Included in Industrial Cleaning Services?

There are several tasks and services included in the cleaning of industrial spaces. Some of the services are mentioned below.

  1. High-Reach Cleaning: Specialising in cleaning elevated surfaces and areas that require equipment such as scissor lifts or scaffolding.
  2. Heavy Equipment Cleaning: Tailored cleaning for large and heavy machinery, addressing unique challenges related to size and complexity.
  3. Industrial Floor Cleaning: Focused on efficiently maintaining and cleaning large areas, often involving specialised equipment like industrial floor scrubbers.
  4. Ceiling and Wall Cleaning: Dedicated cleaning for overhead surfaces, walls, and structural elements to prevent dust accumulation and maintain a tidy environment.
  5. Specialised Surface Cleaning: Addressing specific materials or surfaces, such as stainless steel or sensitive manufacturing materials, with appropriate cleaning methods.
  6. Sanitisation Services: Targeted cleaning to ensure sanitation in critical areas, aligning with health and safety standards in industrial environments.
  7. Hazardous Material Cleanup: Handling and disposing of hazardous materials, adhering to strict safety protocols and environmental regulations.
  8. Warehouse Rack and Shelving Cleaning: Cleaning and maintaining storage racks and shelving systems to optimise space and prevent dust buildup.
  9. Exterior Cleaning: Cleaning the external surfaces of industrial buildings, including facades, windows, and exterior structures.
  10. Ventilation System Cleaning: Specialised cleaning for industrial ventilation systems to maintain air quality and prevent the spread of contaminants.

What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Company for Industrial Cleaning Services?

The critical points for hiring industrial cleaning services are mentioned below.

  • Relevant Expertise: Look for providers experienced in cleaning extensive commercial and industrial facilities, specifically office spaces. They should demonstrate knowledge of handling industrial cleaning equipment, commercial-grade cleaners, and protocols for areas like warehouses and factories.
  • Methodology and Equipment: Ask for details about their specific cleaning methodology for industrial sites, heavy machinery like industrial floor scrubbers, and what commercial-grade supplies and disinfectants they use to develop cleaning plans. Ensure they survey each facility first to tailor techniques.
  • Employee training: Vet their employee training and compliance procedures related to safe chemical handling, proper equipment use, hygiene protocols, hazardous material disposal and other safety areas. A well-trained staff is crucial when enabling third parties to access and clean industrial premises.
  • Service customisation: Determine standard vs customisable offerings across daily, weekly and periodic cleaning schedules specific to optimising operational environments and facility maintenance needs, not just minimal compliance.
  • Sustainable Cleaning Solutions: Inquire about their use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and procedures to limit the use of harsh chemicals. Quality providers balance efficacy with sustainability by using green-certified supplies, responsibly diluting cleaning concentrates, and consulting clients to establish green cleaning goals for their facilities. They should detail chemical handling procedures and have advanced training in selecting environmentally preferable disinfectants when suitable.
  • Reporting Transparency: Confirm they provide details on the services rendered after each cleaning for transparent pricing structures. Reporting also aids facilities management and hygiene standards oversight.

Industrial Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning serve distinct purposes, with industrial cleaning tailored to the specialised needs of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories.

Unlike commercial cleaning, which focuses on office spaces and retail environments, industrial cleaning addresses the challenges posed by heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and unique surfaces found in industrial settings.

In our article on Industrial Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning, we explained the unique challenges of industrial environments and why commercial cleaning may fall short due to the specific demands of heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and other industrial complexities.


As more industrial facilities open in Melbourne, hiring professional cleaners is key to optimising hygiene, safety and operations. The right cleaning partner specialises in industrial settings, advanced equipment, trained staff and customised service offerings.

Though outsourcing carries service fees, rigorous cleaning enhances productivity, asset life, health, and compliance. Industrial cleaning services underpin the growth of Melbourne’s manufacturing leadership.

ACS Commercial Cleaning brings years of expertise in customised industrial cleaning services that meet the specialised needs of Melbourne’s manufacturing and warehousing sectors.

Our facility managers actively consult operations to sustain safety, aesthetics and eco-compliance without hampering core production.

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