Retail Shop Cleaning

Retail Shop Cleaning Melbourne

At ACS Cleaning we understand that no matter what it is that you are selling, the cleanliness of your store is integral to the overall reputation of your brand and also your success.

A clean store is a fundamental part of the customer service experience. A dirty store can discourage customers from entering and they are likely to take their business elsewhere. With the retail industry being highly competitive we understand that you need to have your business shining at all times. At ACS Cleaning we pride ourselves in our ability to clean, with great attention to detail, and we can assure you that your store will be shining bright with gold start customer service.

We are experienced in providing cleaning services to retail stores and have a great understanding of the necessary tasks and equipment needed to keep your shop gleaming and your customers satisfied. All our staff at ACS cleaning have the necessary training and experience to deliver a cleaning service that is individually tailored to your specific needs. We are experienced handling delicate or expensive goods and you can rest assured that the products in your store will be maintained to their original high standards. All of our staff have undergone thorough background checks and comprehensive training and we can continue to ensure the highest standards.

Gym Equipment cleaning

Unlike some other commercial cleaning companies ACS can thoroughly clean gym equipment, not just floors and surfaces. We have a range of environmentally safe cleaning products and chemicals, that can perfectly maintain many different materials found on gym equipment from hard compound plastics to sleek metals and leather padding. Our cleaning products ensure your equipment is well maintained.

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Our highly trained team of professional cleaners offer an adaptable and flexible approach to retail cleaning. We have the skills and expertise to deliver the highest quality cleaning service to your retail store no matter how large or small your facilities are. If you’d like to know more about our service or wish to arrange a FREE quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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