How to Assess Your Office Cleaning Company’s Performance

As a business owner in Melbourne, keeping your office space clean should be a top priority. But once you’ve hired a commercial cleaning company, how do you honestly assess if they are performing up to par?

Are you getting what you’re paying for with your current office cleaning provider? Evaluating and monitoring your office cleaning company’s overall performance is crucial to ensure you receive consistent, quality service.

This guide will provide helpful tips on how Melbourne business owners can properly assess their office cleaning company’s performance.

Assess Your Office Cleaning Company’s Performance

Hiring an office cleaning company is a common practice for many businesses. But how can you be sure the company is doing well and meeting your standards?

Properly assessing the performance of your office cleaning company on an ongoing basis is crucial. Several steps to assess your cleaning company’s performance are mentioned below.

1. Check References and Reviews Thoroughly

When first considering a new office cleaning company, request a detailed list of references from past or current clients. Follow up with these references and ask probing questions during your conversation, such as:

  • How long have you used this cleaning company? Are you satisfied with them?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how thorough and effective is the cleaning crew?
  • Have you noticed any recurring issues with missed tasks or overlooked areas?
  • How responsive is the company to providing supplies, addressing complaints, and making necessary corrections?

Also, research online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, True Local, White Pages, Proven Expert etc. Look beyond just the star ratings and read the written commentary.

Look for common themes in positive and negative reviews to spot potential red flags or areas of excellence. Consistent praise or recurring complaints are significant indicators to pay attention to.

2. Perform Regular Hands-On Inspections

The best way to monitor ongoing performance is to inspect the office after scheduled cleanings regularly. Or, consider assigning a diligent staff member to oversee these inspections consistently.

During walk-through inspections, scrutinise all areas of the office to check for the following:

  • Dust, dirt, debris, or cobwebs gather in corners, baseboards, air vents, blinds, etc.
  • Streaks, spots, or smudges on windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces
  • Trash or recycling accidentally left behind in cans or bins
  • Carpet stains or vacuuming issues like visible dirt trails or fuzz/hair left behind
  • Surfaces not wiped down thoroughly, leaving residue or sticky spots

Also, observe the cleaning staff members themselves during inspections when possible.

Are they professional in appearance, wearing clean uniforms, and working diligently to complete tasks efficiently?

3. Define Cleaning Standards and Expectations

To prevent confusion or disagreements, provide the cleaning company with clearly written and detailed standards and expectations. These could include:

  • How frequently specific tasks and cleaning duties should be completed (daily, twice weekly, weekly, etc.)
  • Comprehensive checklists of areas to be cleaned and exact tasks to perform in each area
  • Approved cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools to be used

To confirm standards are consistently met, have the cleaning supervisor initial or sign off on detailed checklists after each cleaning.

4. Schedule Performance Evaluation Meetings

Set up regularly scheduled quarterly or biannual in-person meetings with the cleaning company supervisor or manager.

These meetings provide an opportunity to review metrics, provide candid feedback on strengths and areas needing improvement, and discuss any persistent issues.

Tracking satisfaction metrics overtime during the meetings allows you to pinpoint cleaning quality trends and progress. Are there patterns signalling components that have improved or deteriorated?

5. Compare Cost vs. Value

When was the last time you evaluated the value you received compared to the cost? Research the average hourly rates, monthly fees, and service options that other office cleaning companies in your area offer.

Prepare a detailed comparison chart for cost, frequency, services, reviews, and amenities. This analysis will clarify whether you’re getting fair value for the price or are overpaying for unsatisfactory service.

6. Promptly Address Deficiencies or Concerns

When cleaning deficiencies are identified through inspections or meetings, promptly communicate details to the cleaning company management. Provide specific examples and photos that illustrate the areas needing improvement.

Allow the cleaning crew to correct any problems, but follow up consistently to ensure issues are resolved satisfactorily.

If deficiencies persist without improvement over time, it may be time to terminate the contract and find a new office cleaning provider to meet standards better. Don’t hesitate to make a change when needed.


Staying diligently on top of your office cleaning company’s performance through regular hands-on assessment and open communication ensures you receive excellent service that aligns with expectations.

It also enables you to address problems immediately before they spiral out of control. Consistent monitoring, clear standards, and candid feedback are the keys to getting the best value for your commercial cleaning investment.

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