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At ACS Commercial Cleaning Melbourne, we provide a complete range of factory cleaning services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We are aware of the importance of maintaining high standards of cleanliness in factories and are well-versed to get the job done right for you. To ensure that the safety and health of your staff is not compromised, it is vital to carry out thorough factory cleaning on a regular basis. The accumulation of dirt and grime not only makes your space unhygienic but also poses the risk of a fire hazard. Avail our factory cleaning services to maintain a pristine space.

Trusted Industrial Cleaning Company

Large factory spaces need frequent cleaning to keep them free of dust, grime and clutter. Here at ACS, we have the necessary skills and expertise to deliver professional, thorough factory cleaning Melbourne. Having provided our commercial cleaning services to many factories in Melbourne over the years, we can confidently deliver services in accordance with tight deadlines. From scuffed floors to greasy machinery and equipment, we can return your factory to a clean and safe workplace.

Reliable and Affordable Cleaning in Melbourne

We carefully select our cleaning staff with a promise to provide you with the most ideal individual for your cleaning service. We thoroughly interview all cleaning staff, provide adequate training and hire only when we’re highly satisfied with their capabilities. We guarantee that ACS employees have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to get the job done. All our work is fully guaranteed and covered by comprehensive Public Liability insurance, with our entire team committed to the highest standards of health and safety.

Tailored Factory Floor Cleaning Services

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why our factory cleaning service is individually tailored to each business and includes specialist cleaning as necessary. This may include the cleaning of high windows, exterior pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance and major disinfecting. We’ll also look for the hidden dirt in your factory that other cleaning companies would overlook. Things like dirt on top of cabinets and architraves, and the handprints on regularly used surfaces — look for the layers of neglect that are wiped away!

Thorough High-Quality Warehouse and Factory Cleaning Service in Melbourne

We understand that industrial environments are busy and can design packages based on your cleaning needs. We can offer a one-off clean as necessary to suit your factory cleaning requirements. Our team of experienced cleaners are particularly qualified for industrial cleaning during shutdowns, breakdown, or maintenance. We also have a team of committed, on-site, full-time cleaners, competent to offer you deep cleaning customary services as part of your overall maintenance and cleaning schedule. Our goal is to meet all your needs, with a minimal amount of impact on your business. So, whether it’s implementing a cleaning program during daytime, evenings or weekends, we will work around you to find a solution that suits you best.


Here at ACS, we understand the value of a great team. We work together to provide you with a highly professional and exceptional cleaning service in Melbourne. The testimonials we have received from our happy clients prove you can always rely on the personal service and tailored cleaning solutions of ACS. See what some of our satisfied clients have to say below.

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